You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way” –Walter Hagen

A quiet designer/inventor by nature. A “what if…” type a girl. Always thinking of a new way; a new twist on the original. Sure, I am able to “color in the lines” so to speak, but it just doesn’t bring the same delight as when you add a bit of shading…or create a new line altogether.

For instance, if baking: I will change the measurements, or add an ingredient, or maybe take one out altogether. I’ll adjust the bake time or the temperature. Nothing radical, just enough to call it my own. And I can guarantee the results are not always perfect. But giving it a try, and the possibility of it being “better” is worth the risk.

The same thing can be said for sewing or crafting. Patterns and directions are merely “guidelines”. Out in the garden, I am always looking for new ways to encourage my plants to grow.  Exercising finds me making up my own routine than follow another’s. Even when singing, I would rather not join along with the melody. Let me find the harmony in the chords. The list could go on.

Sunny Diversions is a place where I am able to share some of the projects and ideas that have taken on a new “shine” with you.


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