Family Recipes

My sister recently gifted my Mom with a lifetime membership to a family cookbook site online. In reality, the gift is for our whole family. Yesterday, she sent my user name and password. It was the perfect day to receive it. I am “under the weather” with a cold. Playing on a cookbook site was just the right “medicine” to keep my spirits up.

I love to read through recipes and cookbooks. I have a large collection. I try to imagine how they would taste. I love to look at the pictures. I think about cooking for my family, wondering if they would like it.

Recipes are such a joy to share and to receive. Although, it is getting easier to just print off the directions from the internet, there is something nice about receiving a handwritten recipe card. I love seeing recipes written out by my family members in their own handwriting. The one in the picture is from my Grandma.

Recipes mark time like a diary. The first recipes written in my name were for a church cookbook from the early 70’s. My Mom let each of us kids choose a couple of favorites to enter in our names. My choices were Chewy Gooies and Sugar cookies. As I got older,  high school friends and college roommates shared their favorites with me. I have the recipe cards I received for my wedding shower. Recipes from neighbors. Recipes from co-workers. I believe I have at least one from every place I have worked. Nurses love potlucks! And certainly from every church I attended.  The recipe received, helps you also to remember the occasion. The birthdays, holidays and special meals where you shared not only food but memories together. The likes and dislikes of your children as they grew older. It is like a little photo of the day, and the recipe is the picture captured.

Hopefully, I will keep pace with adding recipes to the site once I am feeling better. And thank you to my sister for such a great idea and gift for Mom (and the rest of us).


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