A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Here’s How to Plant a Basket

When thrift shopping, I keep my eyes open for wicker or twig baskets, that would be suitable for summer planting. I found three that would make wonderful planters.  Two for my parents to use on their deck and one for the front of our house.

To begin my project, I needed to line each basket so the soil would not fall out. My husband offered a large, heavyweight, contractor garbage bag, which was just the right thickness.  I cut the side and the bottom of the bag so I would have one sheet of plastic. Next, I trimmed the plastic to be large enough to cover the inside of each of the baskets and leave a one inch border to fold over. The plastic was tucked and folded so it fit nicely into each basket. Using small upholstery tacks and a hammer, I secured the plastic to the wicker. I tried to find areas where the wicker was thicker so there was enough material to tap the tack into. The tacks were placed about 2-3 inches apart.

After the plastic was tacked in, I poked several small holes in the bottom of the plastic for water drainage. Then I filled the baskets with potting soil. I have found it is not worth trying to save a few dollars on potting soil. The better the soil the nicer the plants. I used the moisture control soil with added fertilizer.


Finally, I was ready to plant my flowers. The bigger baskets were treated to a variety of plants; petunias, geraniums, verbena, cosmos and zinnias. The smaller basket was just right for two, beautiful hot pink geraniums.  Many of the plants were not yet in bloom, but that is how I prefer it. I enjoy having dibs on the first flowers, buying my annuals when they are budding, but not in bloom.


It won’t be long though until my newly planted baskets are brimming with color!

*At the end of the season, the plastic and tacks can be removed and thrown away and the twig baskets can be crushed and tossed into the compost bag.


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