Nursing Reflection: Hospital Gowns

I have been reflecting on hospital gowns. Their drab colors and patterns are easily faded by numerous washings. They are shapeless, ugly, and certainly “breezy” in the back.
But, to me, as a hospital nurse, they have a attained a beauty beyond their functionality.

Hospital gowns are the great equalizer. When you are in the hospital, you are striped of everything else, except the gown. When caring for you, I see your humanity only, you as a person.

I do not see your social status, financial state, religious affiliation, cultural or political ties. I just see a person. An individual who is entitiled to be treated with dignity, respect, care and compassion.

What a privilege I have been given, as a nurse, to be able get to know and care for individuals in this capacity.

(I wouldn’t mind though, if they could make a more modest, nicer looking “equalizer”.)

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