Operation Petunia

Today I started a rescue mission. Outside of our front door is an older, bricked in landing. I am used to pulling out various weeds from the sand between the bricks throughout the spring and summer. But this year, it wasn’t just weeds. Those nice pots of petunias I had on the landing last year seeded to the sand between the bricks. Lots and lots of tiny little petunias, some with flowers about as big as a dime. I had noticed a few over the past weeks, but now they were popping up everywhere. I love petunias; their color and scent. So I am making my summer mission to see how many of the little plants I can grow into mature petunias.

I filled up two planters with potting soil and wiggled the bricks just loose enough to let go of the flower roots. Some of the tiniest plants had amazingly long micro thin roots. I kept poking them into the potting soil until there was no real room left. I used two different pots. One for the petunias that were more purple in color. And one for the little platelets that were growing about a yard away. There was one tiny flower that was a light rose color, maybe the ones growing with it would be the same.

As they grow bigger, I will need to divide and repot them, but for now, I just want to see how many will grow.

I haven’t tried to count them all, (there is a lot!) but as they grow, I will share their progress throughout these summer months.

One thing is for certain, the are not going to be any “lonely little petunias”!

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