Setting Number Seven

A few years ago, I received a bread maker for my birthday. From start to finish, I have completely baked one loaf in it. The artificial, odd shape that it made, brought no satisfaction. Then, I tried the dinner roll recipe from the provided booklet. It used setting number seven, “dough”. The machine did the work of kneading and proofing; shaping and baking was my responsibility. Together we made a perfect match. The messy, temperamental part of baking bread was solved. Finishing the process outside the machine, allowed my creative and experimental half to flourish. I could be a successful bread maker.

I probably am more hands on, than intended, with my machine. The lid stays open and I hover, with little spatula in hand, making sure my bread comes together neatly and is the right consistency before closing. I tweak recipes to taste and try to adapt them so that I am able to make two, one pound loaves from the dough created. After all, the first warm loaf is for tasting, right? For baking, I have found unfinished stoneware to give the best crust.

And my greatest delight in bread making? The satisfying “yum” when my family enjoys my creation.

One Comment on “Setting Number Seven

  1. Everyone has to hover with a spatula, I think! Otherwise you have little corners of unincorporated flour. I am all about the dough cycle too. Use my machine at least twice a week but have only baked in it once.

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